HUF – Outerbox making machine

HUF is a high-speed outerbox folding and gluing machine which works with printed creased and frictioned skillets. The machincan optionally be complemented with a creasing unit which results in a more reliable creasing operation (not depending on the quality in previous operations). The HUF can be combined with a KED4 outerbox ranging machine. Features Rigid […]

SAK – Skillet slitting machine

The SAK machine cuts strips into skillets. The SAK normally uses strips creased and frictioned in the SAJ machine. The cut skillets are fed into trays. Features Semi-automatic operation Adjustable knifes High capacity

SAJ – Strip creasing and friction painting machine

The SAJ machine creases and applies friction composition on strips (printed cardboard for skillet production). The SAJ also include a drying unit heated by steam or electricity. The SAJ is normally combined with a SAK machine. Features Semi-automatic operation High capacity

KED4 – Outerbox ranging machine

KED4 distributes boxes from the HUF outerbox machine into 16 rows. The machine is well suited for the ROG2 box filling machine. Features Automatic operation Smooth and gentle handling of the boxes

KEB6 – Innerbox straightening machine

KEB6 strainghtens the inneboxes in two rows of 8 boxes. Normally, the boxes are transported in the match factory from the box making department to the box filling via a pneumatic conveyor, therefor, the KEB6 is needed to straighten the boxes. The machine is well suited for the ROG2 box filling machine. The machine can […]

JUL2 – Innerbox making machine

JUL2 is a high capacity innerbox making machine which is fed with cardboard reels. The machine can be connected to a box straightening machine (KEB6) or directly to a box filling machine (ROM). The capacity depend on the quality of the cardboard and the glue. Features Automatic operation High and even quality of boxes Automatic […]