VAV3 – Semi-automatic carton packing machine

The VAV3 is pneumatically operated machine used for packaging products made in multipacking machine such as VAP or VAT. The standard version is designed for packeting in 4 layers with 5×5 packets in each layer (100 packets/carton). The feeding of cartons and sealing of the cartons is done manually. Features Simple operation Easy size change-over […]

VAP – Multipacker

VAP Multipacker is built for fast collation and wrapping into packets of individually packed consumer products in a wide range of sizes. Up to 125 packets per minute can be produced, and there are a varity of packing patterns to suit your particular product. The wrapping material, plain or printed paper or polypropylene film, is […]

SW70 – Shrink Wrapping Machine

The SW70 shrink wrapping machine is widely used in the packaging fields, for example for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, hardware and chemical products. The SW70 shrink wrapping machine is suitable for multipacking of products either loose or pre-packed in cartons or trays. The machine includes all packing steps from in-feed and collation, wrapping, sealing to heat […]