ROG2 – Box filling machine (automatic machine with 2×8 boxes per stroke)

ROG2 is an automatic box filling machine. The ROG2 is connected to the KL4 to achieve a perfect timing and high capacity. Empty boxes (inner and outer boxes separated) are fed into the machine in 8+8 rows. After filling, the boxes are closed in 2 steps to secure a high quality. Filled boxes are ejected to a control table to display the boxes for visual quality check.

Rigid design
High capacity
Automatic lubrication system – low maintenance
High and even quality due to 2 step closing

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Technical data
Pneumatics: 0,6 MPa
Design: Steel, cast iron
Standards: Manufactured according to the European directives related to machinery.
Capacity:43.200 boxes/hour
Feeding:2x8 boxes per stroke
Power:Powered by the KL4