Our long experience in Match production business, all around the globe, creates opportunity.

Arenco Sales

Arenco is the world leading manufacturer of match machinery and complete systems for match manufacturing. In our extensive range you will find a complete range of match machinery, match production systems and full range of after sales offers, including spare parts, and technical service.

Arenco is supplying high quality raw materials for match production all over the world; semi-finished products such as splints, outerbox skillets and head chemicals (premix) as well as other raw materials needed. The long-term contracts with suppliers guarantees the particular requirements of the raw materials and the availability of such.

Service / Spare parts

For a good operation, quality original spare parts are needed. A large number of spare parts are kept on stock while others have to be manufactured upon order. For fastest service and support, please prepare to state:

– Machine No.
– Machine Type
– Part No.

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Axipto AB manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines. The company is located in Nybro, Mönsterås and Målilla, with headquarters in Nybro.